2016 Run Resolutions

I ran my first road race in 1992.  It was a 10K and I felt terrible.  I stuck to short races for a while until my first half marathon in 1999.  I didn’t really train for it and was over dressed for the heat.  I had a miserable race and cramped up right after I finished.  After that I vowed that I would never run a race without proper training.  100+ races later and I can honestly say that I haven’t prepared for half of them.

I have had great races that I didn’t prepare for and terrible races that I spent months training for.  Over the past few years my 1-2 long races per year have stretched to 6-10 with most of those being half marathons and relay races.  My lingering injuries are a direct result of under training.  I know that I will feel better and run healthier if I run more consistently.

For the past three years I have joined 1000-mile challenges and every time I have not come close to meeting the goal.  1000 miles in a year breaks down to 19.25 miles per week.  In theory, that doesn’t seem like that difficult a challenge.

When I look through my running logs there are plenty of weeks where my mileage was 25-30 miles.  Unfortunately, the log will show 2, 30-mile weeks followed by two weeks where I only ran twice total.  I never skip a race.  If I registered/committed to run it, I’m in.  Even if I haven’t run at all for the past month leading up to the race.  I’m in.

For the past 2 weeks I have run consistently 4 days per week.  It wasn’t a difficult thing to do.  I just made running a priority, scheduled it and did it.  Now I just need to figure out how to do it when I’m traveling all week for work, attending a fitness convention or when there is 5 feet of snow on the ground and I’m limited to the treadmill and indoor track.

So to all my cyber and local running buddies: keep me honest.  I’d like to hit PRs in my 5K and half marathon times this year and I know that the only way to get there safely is to train consistently.  I am lucky that I have dodged surgeries and major injuries that a lot of my fellow runners have faced.  I doubt I’ll continue to be lucky forever….


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