Resolution Check In

We’re a little more than 2 weeks into the New Year and I’m still committed to my 1000-mile goal.  Today was the first day I was able to run outside for a week and a half.  Between a tough sinus infection and some icy weather I’ve been limited to walking for most of that time.  I’ve completed 25.5 miles so far this month which is lower than I projected.

A part of me is tempted to double up on my runs so I can make up for the lost mileage and finish the month with the 80 mile goal that I set.  But luckily I’m a lot more sensible than I used to be and I can modify my goal without feeling like I’ve failed.

My goal of running 19 miles a week immediately, when the most I had run in the previous month was 11 miles in a week, was a bit lofty.  I know I will have 19 mile and 35 mile weeks but I’m also going to have some 10 mile weeks.   I’m not going to risk an injury or neglect everything else that I do just to say I did it.

As my race calendar starts to fill up, I know if I keep running consistently between races that I will hit my goal easily.  I will not throw in the towel 18 days into the new year because things aren’t going the way I planned.  As long as I get to 1000, it doesn’t matter how I get there.


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