Couch Potato 5K- Super Bowl Sunday

Typically, aside from walking my dogs, I spend all day Super Bowl Sunday on the couch.  It’s a lazy day where I get to do 2 of my favorite things: eat comfort food and watch football.  There had been some buzz around this race for a couple of years so we decided to give it a shot.

This race is run at Onondaga Lake Park which is hands down the best place to run in Syracuse in the winter.  Even during the snowiest winters, I have been able to run 10+ miles with minimal inconvenience.  Instead of a t-shirt you get a great winter hat with ear flaps.  If you live in upstate NY, you probably have plenty of winter gear but if you run a lot of races you probably don’t need another shirt.  The hat is comfortable, warm and has Mr. Potato Head on it.  You can’t beat that.

The race is well organized and the location is perfect.  This race doesn’t seem to attract too many novices so the usual 5K annoyances aren’t really an issue here.  I ran a fast 5K here and heard the same from a lot of other runners.  Sometimes the wind off the lake can be a little rough but if you live here you’re used to it.  My only real complaint would be that packet pickup and post race are held in a local bar that really isn’t set up to accommodate a lot of people.  Lot of great restaurants within walking distance.  Ditch the post race and enjoy a nice lunch to kick off your Super Bowl gorging.

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